Vision Statement

In September 2013 we held a workshop to gather residents' initial views on what they felt the were the issues facing the Parish.  This workshop took as a starting posiition that the BT development would go ahead.

The workshop agreed on a draft vision statement for the parish which would act as a general direction for the work of the project team.

A Vision for the Parish of Martlesham


 Of all Suffolk’s parishes, Martlesham is amongst the largest, and is almost certainly the most varied. It comprises -

  • the original “old" Martlesham, the eastern end of which includes Martlesham Creek (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). About a mile of the parish boundary is formed by the Deben Estuary.
  • the modern village of Martlesham Heath with its 224 acres of open space including a lowland heath Site of Special Scientific Interest separating it from Kesgrave next door.
  • other small areas of housing
  • British Telecomm’s global Research and Development headquarters and Suffolk Police HQ
  • a thriving business park, plus a number of small businesses in other parts of the parish 
  • a number of local retail outlets and national brand stores
  • Much of the Parish boundary is next to countryside and the parish lies on either side of the A12.
  • It has been identified as a Major Centre in Suffolk Coastal’s core strategy and the population is likely to double over the next 15 - 20 years with the building of 2000 homes on land currently owned by BT.

The vision for Martlesham has been written against the above background.

The Vision

As Martlesham evolves and grows it will preserve the best of what already exists and harmoniously incorporate the new with the result that the whole will be better than the sum of its parts.

It will be a community which will -

contain a variety of well designed housing types for sale or rent to meet the needs of residents of all ages, whether employed or retired, and suiting varied domestic circumstances

provide a modern infrastructure and diverse, adaptable accommodation to encourage the creation and success of businesses of all sizes including high tech and skilled jobs, with low rental starter units available to encourage local people to start businesses here

Build on its strengths as a welcoming, safe and peaceful place to live with a strong sense of community with a thriving society of neighbours, groups, and organisations providing support and facilities for all residents

respect and protect the natural environment and the open spaces between the built up areas

contain a diverse range of residential, community, leisure, employment and retail areas, linked by safe walking, cycling and public transport links, with these links extending to the nearby open countryside and beyond